Calm reflection on the Internet under financial

This year, the people's Bank of China Governor Zhou xiaochuan said in March, particularly on new technology for finance has always been a supportive attitude. Exploration of Internet Bank, the Central Bank's attitude should be supported. Internet banking is not a buzzword, but in the course of its development, is definitely one of the most exuberant moment at present. A "treasure Alibaba balances on line for two months to raise funds has reached 25 billion" message, enough to make everyone surprised if momentum for the development of Internet banking in China. Caught you? this financial drama combined with Internet just sing.
        financial got on a fast Internet
        financial, not so simple Internet + financial, is not purely financial activities using Internet technology, but on the financial state of the spirit of the Internet. It is because the Internet has "openness, equality, cooperation, sharing" spirit and characteristics, the financial sector through the media, to have more transparency, more participation, better collaboration, lower cost, more convenient practice features to make up for its shortcomings. Technical development of the Internet made possible such a blueprint. Particular data generation, data mining, data security, and search engine technologies, is a powerful Internet financial support. Cloud computing and the formation of behavior analysis theory to make financial transactions on the Internet data mining possible. The development of these technologies greatly reduces the cost and risk of financial transactions, expanding the boundaries of financial services. As the China Investment Corporation Deputy General Manager Xie Ping on Internet financial definitions-pay convenient and very low degree of information asymmetry, both supply and demand of funds direct transactions, financial intermediaries such as banks, brokers and exchanges do not work, now can be achieved with direct and indirect finance resource allocation efficiency and promote economic growth at the same time, a significant reduction in transaction costs.
        in the developed countries, Internet financial already has a successful precedent. In October 1995, the "United States security first network Bank", which is the first Bank provides banking and financial services on the Internet. It mainly for the United States Middle-and low-income families, offers a variety of services, including low pay mortgages and no low level services such as checking accounts. Just a few months after opening, that is, millions of people surfing, to finance an enormous shock. So there are a number of banks immediately followed, opening a bank on the Internet. Then, this wave gradually spread all over the world, Internet banking has come into people's lives.
        in China, online banking is the beginning of the financial Internet, both on Internet and financial depth, has just opened the door to exploration. According to Analysys Research, a think-tank, in 2011, the online banking market annual turnover reached 780.94 trillion yuan, China; by the end of 2012, online the number of registered users reached 564 million. Online banking a good explanation of the financial and combines the power of the Internet – 2012 China China financial Certification Center for electronic banking survey data show that 68% users use online banking to substitute half of the bar business, some substitution rate of the banks online banking even more than 85%, which greatly ease the pressure on the bank counter operation.
        commercial banks leading to financial made a timely response to the arrival of the Internet, this process of deepening of the banks with the help of information technology, have been offering Internet banking and other electronic banking services, not only to expand and improve the traditional banking system, providing convenience for customers, banks has also increased through the development of electronic banking number intermediary business income.


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