What makes Internet financial and bank robbing food

  "Promoting healthy development of Internet financial" little numbers in a report on the work of the Prime Minister, but profound. Public demand for financial services in recent years began to assume the trend of individuality and diversity. Tradition financial services, due to labor costs, those costs, revenue risk weights and other reasons, unable to meet this demand. Internet financial for its flexible operations, diversification of services means success fills the blank of this part. Personalized demand
2C blank
Chinese 2C areas can be divided into two categories: one is the working class, the second is individual. Working-class refers to core income is monthly wage groups. Has the General characteristics of this group is relatively fragmented, individual digital low level of solvency is not high. Working Group is huge, but scattered in the various sectors of the community, not to businesses or groups of situation. While a single individual does not have strong social and economic ties. The current credit system is not perfect, big data still in the data preparation phase, the development of the Internet has not yet reached the level that can support most of the individual upload personal information, so from a digital perspective, this part of the group to purchase a small amount of data from the Internet, or digital. Finally, because the composition of the core income is wages, which means that monthly income is fixed, looking at the overall wage level and the level of per capita consumption in China, working class can be used to repay the loan amount is not more than a month.
        the second individual. The financial characteristics of this group was without a stable income and running water, most cash transactions of the transaction line. Individual industrial and commercial households from strictly speaking do not belong to c, but not quite, a b, so we here introduce the concept of a small b. Essentially the work of this group, if working-class credit income is any guide, small b group's main source of income is not stable in coming in with water, that revenue is not affected by the macro-economic impact, but smaller, resistance management risk worse. Revenue record at the use of artificial record, there are few formal bookkeeping methods. In addition because the amount of transactions and trading in smaller so generally use cash transactions. From income to expenditure, capital flows as a whole is in an opaque State. Standardization business financial
traditional financial area after many years of business practice, and gradually formed a relatively fixed in 2C business, home loans, car loans, credit cards. Banking is the business logic of standardized, efficient, low risk, low cost. Mortgage banks and real estate developers on the basis of this business, obtain the unit directly from the customer, low cost, and by the number of customers to control risk and reduce costs. Similar car loan through the 4S shop. Industry-wide credit card business from China, basically every customer 100 Yuan low cost. Above, the Bank's three core 2C business cost and risk control is the key: standardized, mass.
China's micro loans are with a personalized area. First second-hand housing mortgage loans, that is, the so-called "Red Book" as collateral for loans. First because each properties area, area, use of reason, in terms of valuation cannot be applied to existing standardization processes. Meanwhile, the economic situation of each loan, different credit, banks have a single client requires a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out risk assessments, formed a very high risk cost and risk valuation cost. So, while second-hand housing mortgage of banks but the real people who get loans is very limited, get the part few meet the expectations of the loan amount. Used cars because of higher depreciation rates, individual differences, are at higher risk, facing the banking part of the business will not be entertained.
China Internet financial crowded
gap in the traditional industry sectors, financial to address pain points have emerged on the Internet. Currently active in China's Internet financial types are the following: to raise loans, P2P networks, third party payments, digital currency, financial data, financial institutions, financial portals.
variety but these forms have several features in common. First is the relatively low cost, both the supply and demand of funds via the Internet platform to complete the screening, matching, the transaction. In addition to the traditional financial intermediation costs imposed by transaction costs, as well as monopoly profits. Second efficiency is high, users no longer need to go to the online store, wait in business management. Through the network, users can quickly from many businesses choose the that best matches your needs. Third wide coverage of traditional financial need for offline outlets to permeate throughout. Because of funding, human reason will not touch blind spots. Internet financial mode, users are free to break through the limit of space and time, efficient completion of the allocation of resources. IV management of weak Internet financial development has advanced in the formulation of related policies, growth of most of the field still in the savage State, run, closure of universal, investors suffered huge losses. Finally, risk control, Internet banking has not yet access to the credit system of the people's Bank, also within the industry and between industry and did not establish a credit information sharing mechanism, coupled with smaller customers natural dispersion, high incidence of Internet risks in the financial sector.
mode of traditional finance, capital flows to capital and high profits, 2C widening gap. The emergence of Internet financial, capital reallocation, to the more efficient 2C allocation and gaps to solve financing difficulty of small pain points.



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