P2P network credits listed road credit industry needs to be normative system of power network

As the stock market soared, the stock market is excellent. Hot for the new ban, business owners have invested listed armies. Meanwhile, lending platform for P2P network to be outdone, began looking listing by listing to get more financing, lending platform for a lot of P2P network goals.
is a popular new Board, but net lending platform to do it there is still no specific exceptions. Enterprises eager to whether what it wants? what qualification you can get a listing what you need to "pass"? what are the obstacles that hinder net credit operations? China business times, with interviews of practitioners, experts, and scholars.
not easy to ban on
good wind rely on power, sent me on board, became the voice of many business owners. As the new third heat wave are not reduced, the momentum even more than the main Board and gem. It is learnt that many P2P networks and loan companies are eager to find opportunity, the ancients said, who is not ordained, insufficient. But follow the listed, but not so easy.
financial is the Internet "the Internet", the State attaches great importance to the Internet as well as financial, but also understand the nature of Internet financial, still is financial. P2P online lending platform is still dominated by financial business, realization of civil finance Internet, realization of public financial management, to break the traditional way of managing money, but also poses some risks.
Road, fraud tide is filled with industry, Internet financial investors also hesitated, to question its safety and compliance. Joy lawyer Zhu Wei told reporters that the normative NET loan industry at present is not enough, if P2P net credits go to listed companies, is too risky.
the new Board, due to its low threshold, many enterprises are eager to. But the low threshold, it does not mean that there are no rules. Zhu Wei told reporters that the Internet financial is a new industry, but new doesn't mean you can make a mistake. Only the very standard of enterprise, to Board Board, chinext, the new ban. New board quickly, but the normative, operational performance requirements, corporate governance requirements are high, most P2P networks and loan companies are not up to the requirements.
currently, at least has 5 home network loan platform is active listed, regardless of "five added II" or, "white added black" or, spell with listed is is best of way?
industry people said, if P2P network loan industry can listed is is good of select, both can thaw to funds of while, also can through its listed increased credit, on industry will has is good of active promote role.
wanted to go public, according to the Board, the GEM listing requirements, their standards are very high, including business, financial, and sustained profitability, however, most P2P networks and loan companies to meet this requirement.
91 financial co-founder verifications, told reporters that many P2P NET loan company, not listed.

national attention to the multiple problems impeding market culprits Internet financial, a bullish about its prospects at the same time, there are concerns. Financial amplification effects, lending platform for P2P network if there is inadequate supervision, lack of self-discipline, local financial risk will become the fuse, forming a financial crisis. P2P online lending platform, Savage, has been repeatedly and constantly. Because of its low barriers to entry, many micro-credit finance companies also have to seize the user share, which implies financial risks. As the P2P NET loans, through online and offline fundraising, involving many people, if there is a problem, it will have an impact on social order.
bad debt of enterprise credit can also cause certain effects. Data show that bad debts into the root of a lot of online lending platform problems, once the problems, likely to cause capital chain rupture, toxic assets run, bad debts and other problems of the future will have a certain impact, has a negative impact on the industry. Many enterprises in order to attract the audience's attention and leverage even to 20 times if problems with financing, project, the company is still facing bankruptcy. This enterprise is more harm than good. Data show that 2014 P2P network problem credit platforms up to 275, 2013 is 3.6 times, on average, 1 out of every 6 platform "problematic" issues platforms total investor loss of about 6 billion yuan.
because of poor management, many enterprises currently living difficulties. Businesses flooded before, may wish to consider the current situation, whether there is proud of the brand, and cannot carry on his first fight, see red flag, not first class their goal. Look, to look to the future. The ancients said, who is not ordained, insufficient. But follow the trend of the market, did not clearly position itself, it is embarrassing. Only do branding, corporate information, openness and transparency in order to better achieve promotion. P2P net lending platforms only picked up the scalpel, the remedy is the cure. To recognize platform, to find a suitable location to go more in the long run. Operators pointed out that many companies are not hard to operate illegal cash there, investors should be careful.
monitoring have not yet landed. After 360 co-founder and CEO Ye Daqing said, management is now actively and with investors, legal, the securities industry and regulatory departments to explore the feasibility of domestic market as well as how to better cope with. He said policy-level breakthroughs will happen any time soon, for Internet financial venture, therefore, must be prepared to market and business planning. However, bankers pointed out that current financial legislation because the Internet is still not landing, with no clear rule how to regulate listed road is far away.
lending platform for P2P network earnings into problem. It is understood that currently includes many Internet banking platform, after 360, profitability is difficult to achieve in the short term. Under the current system, its listing in Shanghai has the obvious obstacles. After 360, for example, at present, the company is still not profitable, do not meet the current listing standards. Ye Daqing said by 2017 are not considered profitable. Wu wenxiong told reporters that at present, most companies still not turn a profit, only to remain profitable, on the listing of, and Wu wenxiong said currently 91 financial has been profitable, the company is actively preparing for the towards 2016 years ago landed the gem.
"a lot of P2P online lending platform, just high yields to attract users, and can be maintained for a short time, but users not involved in the actual transaction, unlike other financial institutions can bring the actual transactions, long is likely to be without it. "Verifications, told reporters that" business compliance, specifications, sustainable operation ability and sustained profit, is the basic premise and conditions listed. "
response to P2P network platforms listed on the futility of
a few days ago, some scholars spoke of P2P online lending platform is a lending platform, not a capital intensive industry, lending platform for P2P network proposed listing" useless ". Insiders said negative about this, it is understood that many P2P online lending platform is still borrowing by way of mortgage loans, most platforms to take mortgages, car loans, supply chain financing to stay afloat, the platform below the line under a lot of pressure. Platform itself also needs funds for better operation. Many things need online team, line is high, there is the financing and investment, platforms need funding. This financing will help the development of enterprises. Insiders, if listed, companies can raise money, need to find funding, financing business under the line will be of great benefit.
Ye Daqing introduced Internet banking platforms listed on the normal operation of the entire industry has greatly promoted, as soon as possible out of the brutal stages, face tougher compliance and risk monitoring. Verifications, told reporters that the financial platform for the Internet market, effective use of financing and funding can be effective for acquisitions to expand the scale of help IT data gathering, mining, loan products of the P2P network security, product research and development, experience and other aspects of promotion, through the expansion of ecological integrity to implementation of business systems, to create technology platforms, consolidating data base.
financial success of any company listed on the Internet, listing is a new process, from conception to birth is a natural process, gave birth to birth, just like ripe, ripe. Internet financial enterprises only prepared to go public.



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