2015 P2P banking will see ten common sense

2015 financial year of rapid development of the Internet, China is bound to be, on the North, and wide, deep and other cities, P2P banking is almost a household name. For most investors, P2P is a whole new area, there are a lot of unknowns waiting for us to study found.
first, network loan investment financial platform of operation risk main reflected in practitioners on Enterprise mismanagement, led to income cannot cover cost; or for operation process in the enough rigorous, produced of vulnerability, as: enterprise credit audit not in place, borrowing cycle of time qualified, trading risk compensation system of design and so on the system not perfect and led to platform of bad rate increased, even has through operation process in the of vulnerability for fraud phenomenon, problem led to platform itself of risk increased, to against to investors of interests. So investors prior to the P2P banking, first studied from the following platforms normality, as far as possible to reduce investment risks in the process.
, from the time of establishment, enrollment size, business scope and so on to learn more about the platform. Set up time is short, income is too high, recommended large amount of money businesses need to be vigilant.
II, understanding P2P platform funds through third-party payment platform regulation. Third party payment platforms and user's isolated capital to be funded by the customer through a third party payment platforms active operation is complete to avoid platform risks arising from the run or embezzlement.
three-credit audit system, explicit P2P platform are perfect whether to fully grasp the information of the borrower. Platform to discover the borrower, the borrower's information and credit approval process is how to do this. Clear flow of funds for borrowers.
bad debt rate of the four, watch P2P platform. Bad debt rate is an important factor in measuring a platform for risk control, bad loans ratio indicates that investors higher financial risk.
lending platform for P2P network gains a more objective, on current form, high risk, carefully select P2P platforms, ensuring financial security, prevention of investment risk, and get a steady income is every investor's financial goals.
common sense: safety first proceeds placed in second place
lots of new P2P online loans industry people, a platform of some coveted unable to yield 20%, attention seeking high returns on the premise that capital preservation.
common sense II: financial basis on which financial know-how
investment which platform is best? for financially, and pay more attention to financial industry knowledge, learn financial skills is a must thing to do. If you know online lending platform, can through various channels to understand their background information, or browse the industry websites such as Jin's comments media, net lending industry sites such as eye in the sky, can also add to financial literacy-themed discussion groups.
common sense three: diversify and not focus on the carefully selected platform
preparations before investing, first on P2P platform for initial selection, any further selection, selected the most security, good benefits and secure P2P platform, you can also put their money into different platforms, this can, to a certain extent reduce the risk.
common sense four: gain too high too low is not a good medium is the best
loan proceeds is not P2P network is the best, if annualised rate of more than 20% of the platform, then you should make a few more question marks. Of course, the annual rate is not too low, if annualised rate of less than 10% of the platform, it is not appropriate for investments. Current revenue rates are usually in the 12% to 18%, we handle the drop side is based on the customer's credit rating and collateral, as well as the repayment ability of the different, developed a different interest rate policy, to guarantee the stability of earnings of different customer groups. Five
common sense: good website beautiful experience
the quality of user experience, website design, aesthetic appearance, these indicators can measure from one side the site schema is perfect, functional design is user friendly, the company management is standardized, these information can also be done to determine indicators of online lending platform is good or not. Six
common sense: small water slowly wait
the idea of investing in P2P NET loan to develop and construct, in the short term is the formation of a hard, investors need through constant practice, and combined with theoretical study, and then continued to try and learn step by step in proper investment philosophy.
common sense: the professional wind control is
in the domestic environment of the credit system is still not perfect, P2P lending people online lending platform at first instance, face trial, investigated a series of pre-loan audits through audit expertise can determine risk the professionalism of the team.
common sense BA: focus on dynamic master
industry information platform online if you have selected target P2P lending platforms, should pay more attention then usual Platform News, as well as search engines, portals and other channels to collect information associated with the platform, if the query to have negative information, you should not select investment.
common sense nine: platform borrower micro-dispersed
in a sense, online lending platform can do every loan is a small, decentralized, then to a certain extent prevent some borrowers overdue, bad debts and capital chain rupture.
common sense 10: fine visits in the field to see what it is
for the purposes of investing in new, you can find several city and P2P network partners loan review experience to visit company site, so can insight platform operation team spirit, management team information professional, lending operations are complete.
to see the article, do you think P2P money less mysterious it? of course, P2P online lending industry as a whole, these common sense is just tip of the iceberg. Here, recommends that investors around, current P2P net lending low industry threshold, lack of, platforms, quality industry background, we shall adopt financial experience accumulated, and gradually develop a suitable investment strategy.



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